My Wonderful Trip To Paris  

Why do I love my wonderful trip to Paris?

My first trip to Paris was a unique experience that I will always remember. I was planning to stay for a week to make sure that I can explore all its remarkable monuments as well as squares and restaurants.

Everyone will accept that Paris, the most beautiful and greatest tourist city, needs more than one week to explore it. But I found out that Paris is not very big, and that the city won’t need much time to travel around, and that the city’s most outstanding attractions are concentrated in the heart of it. For example, Notre-Dam, Saint – Chapelle, the Saint –Jacques Tower, the Conciergerie and the Louvre are all close to each other, and also Eiffel Tower, the Musee Du Quai Branly, the Gardens of Troca Dero, Invalides and the Champ De Mars are close to one another. So, I decided to plan my trip well by area and by district, and that helped me to visit all the most attractive places in a little bit of time.

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After Getting There

It was a wonderful feeling to get to Paris and see the city of light, a city that has a very unique and deep sense of history. After I got there, I passed the charming canals and I saw the monuments. I really loved Paris at first sight. If possible, try to get into a hotel where you can get one of the top floors so you can overlook the city. On the last vacation, we took my grandmother to Paris. She had spent the majority of her final years being taken care of by a company specializing in Sacramento in home senior care, and if it wasn’t for them, she probably wouldn’t have had made it as long as she does. She even told us that it was one of the most special views of her life. 

Choosing the Hotel

Although exploring the city was the most important part of my trip, I found out that the hotel I would stay in should be comfortable and satisfying for me. Finally, I decided to stay in La Reserve Paris Hotel. I really enjoyed my stay there, and I felt comfortable with the stuff warm welcome. All the beds were clean and organized .this hotel was very high standers, it was a pleasure for me to stay there.

First Day

In the first day, I visited some of the most popular museums in Paris. Among those museums were the Louvre Musee Du Orsay and the Albert-Kahn Musee Et Jardin. There was another wonderful one, the Musee De L’Assistance Publique, this museum celebrates the history of Paris hospitals.

this is an image of why do I love my wonderful trip to paris

Second Day

I experienced the open air cinema at the Parce De La Villette. I cached a free film at thus open-air cinema. I really enjoyed watching this film with my friends. The cinema has many exciting movies such as “Where The Wild Things Are” and “Be Kind Rewind”, it was really a fantastic event I have ever seen.

Third Day

On the third day, I visited the Jardin Du Luxembourg. I spent the entire day wandering around this sweeping park.

Fourth Day

On the fourth day, I visited one of the most popular attractions in Paris, the Cathedral Notre Dame De Paris.

Fifth Day

I explored the Pere Lachaise Cemetry. This cemetery is the most visited one in the world.

Sixth Day

I visited La Promenade Planetree. It is a tree-lined walkway on an old elevated railway line that lies in east Paris.

Seventh Day

It was the last day of my visit to Paris. I decided to have a late night Picnic at the Square Du Vert – Galant.