Sand Boarding In Morocco

this is a picture of sand boarding in morocco

Merzouga is a small town located on the south-eastern part of Morocco, 50 kilometers from the Algerian border. The town is known for its close proximity to Erg Chebbi, a Saharan erg making it become the preferred tourist destination in the world. This small town is also known to have the largest natural underground body of water in Morocco.

The reason why you should choose Merzouga town is to have the ultimate experience of sand boarding in the great Sahara Desert. Sandboarding is a board sport that involves riding across or along sand dunes while standing on a board with both feet. The sand is usually soft and warm and quite manageable even for the first-timers. To have the best experience, the only equipment required is a sand board.

If you are a sandboarding beginner, you first ride on the sand may feed a bit awkward at first but with a little practice, you can easily ease up to it. The hard part is learning to control yourself on the board because the board tends to move quickly over the sand. Expect to fall down several times but there is no need to worry because the sand is soft and won’t hurt as much. Some people have compared sand boarding to ice skiing and have confirmed that sandboarding is much easier and so much fun. The proper work outcomes in when you have to carry your board right on top of the dunes after each ride. The board is not normally heavy, which is not a big deal to carry it but the walking uphill in the sand usually becomes the hardest part.

The best part about sand boarding in Merzouga is that after sand boarding in the large sand dunes especially during the spring season is the watching flocks of the pink flamingos. You see, the Merzouga’s natural underground body of water comes to life and attracts large flocks of pink flamingos. If you are lucky, you will also get to see other rare birds during the spring migration. You can also choose to have camel trekking excursions through a sea of dunes and get to see desert mammals and reptiles.

Sandboarding is most fun when you plan for early mornings or evenings to avoid very hot sand surfaces. If you want to find the perfect spots for sand boarding, there are a dozen of companies and agencies in Morocco that are willing to take you for this adventure and furthermore, they will not only take you sand boarding but also include other fun activities as well.

this is a picture of a desert in morocco best for sandboarding

The desert is an extremely dry place. Before the travel, make sure that you are well hydrated for the desert sun and watch out for sandstorms. Carry enough sun screens and warm clothes for the night. The sand in your face and hair should be one of your concerns and it is good to carry a headscarf to prevent that. Other than that, this is a very thrilling experience that will change your life forever.