Partake In Parisian Fun

The Parisian Fun Adventure

this is a picture of the parisian fun

If you’re considering a tourist destination or planning a gorgeous honeymoon, what is the one place that pops into your head?

That’s right. France! Or to be more specific, Paris; the crowning jewel of France.  While you might be fixated on commonly advertised spots such as the magnificent Eiffel tower, there is a lot more to the city that you don’t know.

My own journey took me to historical sites and beautiful landscapes that I still vividly reminiscence fondly of.

The city’s architecture is unparalleled in the European world. On the bank of the Seine, you come across  The Louvre; The World’s largest museum. The museum houses a massive array of antiquities from all across the globe, spanning centuries. Artwork from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman world, all the way to artifacts from the Islamic world.

But there are plenty more landmarks of art and culture such as the Musée d’Orsay and the Centre Pompidou.

As I strolled through the fine Boulevards, The Gourmet street food and the food markets served me in the best way possible.  The only thing that stumped me about the foodie regions was that I had so much to choose from. The Auvergne region had plenty to offer in that regard. Stocked with delicacies to cater to the demands of food-obsessed Parisians.

City of Love

this is a picture of the parisian fun

The City of Love is the perfect avenue for a flourishing romance. Take your significant other, as I did mine, on the hills overlooked by the sacred heart Basilica or Basilique du Sacré-Coeur. Then we sailed down the Seine in a river cruise, our hearts swimming in the serenity of Lac Inférieur.

For our dinner reservations, we had a range of choices for places to visit. Whether to go for a courtyard dining experience, a rooftop garden or an open sky deal. We ultimately decided on Le Saut du Loup and its elegant gravel veranda. Then we headed back to our room in the aptly named Hôtel Amour where we had a reservation plenty in advance because the accommodation goes quickly. Paris is a city that draws tourists like flies.

If you’re on a tight budget, Paris can be a rather formidable destination. However, the city has plenty to offer that can be accessed with limited resources and still allow you to have a lot of fun. The Gourmet gastronomy is the prize of Paris and is plenty cheap. Admission into museums on the first week of the month is always free, so plan ahead and utilize this to your advantage.

A lot of our time was spent in classical concerts and contemporary art galleries of the likes of Fondation Louis Vuitton that is built is the shape of a sailing ship.

The French Riviera capped of our adventure; known in France as the Côte d’Azur. The beach resort of Cannes was spectacular this time of summer. The nearby city of Nice was also a nice addition to our itinerary. The city always has something new to offer every time I am there.