Why People Doubt That Space Travel Is Possible

this is a picture of space travel

Interstellar¬†space travel¬†isn’t impossible and how to understand why people believe it’s impossible lets you know what problems to solve. One of the main things considered is light speed and the impossibility of achieving it. The first thing to understand is that we don’t have to go light speed to get to the next star system beyond our solar system. 10 percent – 15 percent of light speed is all that’s needed and this can be accomplished. So the first problem is solved. This doesn’t make a star to star travel any easier of course. Another reason people think interstellar travel is impossible is that it seems to be too complex. It’s, in fact, simple and no more complex than interplanetary travel. This problem is solved.

What is required for space travel?

Humans want to go 30 percent – 98 percent of light speed which is simply not achievable at today’s mechanical sophistication level (MSL). The energy requirements are off the scale to accelerate anything to such a speed. This is not to say we can’t produce this amount of energy on the Earth’s surface. As an example: to accelerate a 1-kilogram mass (2.2 pounds) to 25,000 miles per second (14 percent of light speed) takes 800 megawatts of power. To put this much hardware into space to produce that much energy is meaningless.