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Explore history as we tour part of the route Christopher Columbus discovered 500 years ago in
Panama’s Bocas del Toro region via a  thrilling jet boat.  Crossing shallow coral reefs we travel
up shallow rivers to visit indigenous people little changed since “The Admiral’s” visit.

Making Boquete, Chiriqui our home since 1994, we (Louis & Yari Anciaux) have been exploring the western
sides of both Panama’s Pacific and Atlantic Ocean coasts including the various estuaries, rivers and the
numerous islands.  Our 1997 jet boat was the first pleasure boat of its type to be imported into Panama, and
has proven the most suitable eco tour craft for exploring the shallow rivers and coral reefs not readily  
accessible to conventional craft.  Drawing only 20 cm or 8 in of water on plane allows us to travel where
propeller-driven craft fear to tread.  Able to travel well in excess of 30 kts, we cover greater distances in less
time to allow more visiting time at more remote locales.  Passing amongst many of history's long forgotten
past exploration routes, you can almost sense the excitement of what the first European explorers must have
felt during their unique age of discovery adventures in Bocas del Toro that have brought us all to this point
in time..
A new extreme venture tour for those
seeking the unusual and off-the-beaten
track awaits, as we wind our way
through sparsely populated islets or
cayos, crossing Almirante Bay and
Chiriqui Lagoon where we travel up  
shallow rivers to experience the
indigenous inhabitants whose little
changed life style is reminiscent of
what Christopher Columbus' last
voyage of discovery encountered.  Our
water turbine or jet boat provides an
exhilarating yet, safe ecotour of 8 or
more hours, covering over 150 Km on
the complete route.
Opening doors of yesteryear to your exciting new eco venture of today
Aguila in the canal used for transporting bananas 100 yrs ago
red Billed Tropicbird, Isla Parajo, Bocas del Toro
Opening doors to worlds of long, long ago.
The side of Isla Parajo seldom seen by visitors
Wash day at indigenous Village of Bisira
The Red-billed Tropicbird's
only nesting place in Panama
is Isla Parajo, or Swan Cay.
Read Elizabeth's story
of our Jungle Rio tour
Louis with children of Bisira
Whale Watching in
Panama   Click Here
This is the sea facing side of the most
famous isla of Bocas.  Seldom seen by
most visitors to Panama.
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Panama Jet Boat Explorer
Division of:
Servicios Turisticos Internacionales, S.A.
Apartado 0426-00097; David, Chiriqui
Republic de Panama
TEL: +(507) 6612-7736
FAX: +(507) 720-4054 or 774-2124
Boat Repairs are about
complete and we expect to be
operational by mid-late June
and to re-commence our tours
for the New Season.
Please visit again as we continue  improvements.
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Last Revised: 2009NOV15
Featuring indigenous or Indian village experiences to which we travel via jet boat on our eco tours within the Panama province of Bocas del Toro
passing along some of the same route Christopher Columbus passed on his final voyage of discovery along the eastern most portions of the
Caribbean.  That these extremes of culture continue to exist is part of the nature eco tour experience; which can include various other facets
including snorkeling among some of the most pristine coral reefs in existence; passing via shallow rivers to reach remote indigenous villages; travel
via a long abandoned banana canal viewing other Indian locales, or bird watching some of more than 1,200 species found in this tiny nation, or
enter into a jungle river environ, lunching under an Oropendula nest group which might also allow catching a glimpse of a manatee or a surfacing
Tarpon; or enjoy the dolphin displays in the various waters of Bocas del Toro that often come up when least expected; or contemplate the
possible pirate lairs within these many cayos, bahias and islands as we explore in our jet craft where the likes of Sir Francis Drake (said to have
been terminally ill on Isla Escudo de Veraguas) or Henry Morgan (said to have passed these waters after his most successful routing of the
Spaniards and sacking of Old Panama City) ; or viewing the sights along our ways, which can include the Cayos Zapatillos, Islas Bastimentos,
Agua, Popa, Solarte, Cristobal and Swan, as well as literally 100s of others too small to be named.  Our venture is conducted with your safety in
mind first and, a very close second, an experience you shall never forget.  We have been in these waters exploring, scuba diving and some fishing
too, since early 1997.  Every trip has something new or not experienced before even by us, as the waters can change in an instant, or the rivers
can be too dry or have a new obstacle that makes it a continually changing event.  We have made Boquete in Chiriqui our home since 1994 also
exploring the waters of Coiba, Isla Paridas and many other islands and even finding uncharted rocks and sunken wrecks has made our life in
Panama exciting to the extreme at times.  That Cristobal Colon made his voyages is what makes it possible for all of us to be here today.  We
look forward to sharing with you some of the exciting history that surrounds our travel routes and the magnificent displays of nature at its finest. A
new venture is coming featuring Tarpon fishing. Recent river trips we thought had some shy dolphins playing; but, it turns out we have several
possible (seasonal) locales for these magnificent fighters.
Your Hosts: Louis and Yari Anciaux      
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Helicopter flights for Viewing sights of the seas and mountains.
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